Monday, September 1, 2008

The Meaning Of Life, The Big Picture

This is of course my opinion based on my own common sense.

There have been hundreds of billions of humans on earth. There have been trillions of trillions of life forms on earth. There have been hundreds of trillions of trillions of microscopic life forms on earth. Did each one of these life forms spring up independently out of the sea of creation all at different and random times? Are all these life forms independent of all other life forms with no connection to each other? Common sense tells me that it is illogical that so much life all sprang into this world from different sources of life, from a different place of origin, having no connection to each other or the same life force.

In the beginning there was God, we are told. Regardless of where that phrase originated from, it makes sense to me. There was something in the beginning, there had to be. Whatever this thing was, we can call God. Who knows exactly what this God was, in what form it was in, but at least I can understand that whatever it was, it was. It was everything and the only thing. Everything else came from this beginning, this God, this life force.

As this God began to expand, to create, physical worlds were born among a probable unknown countless worlds at that. God created the physical world but had no way to engage with it, personally. So physical life forms were created, life forms inhabited by parts of God, parts that were born by a division of God its self. These spirits, or souls are extensions of God, a micro part of the macro world.

When these spirits, life forms and creatures enter into the physical bodies of these physical creations, all memory of the source is temporarily forgotten. At least now it is by humans; partly due to society and its teachings, partly due to the DNA inheritance of parents and grandparents etc. While this memory is forgotten it is not inaccessible if one applies himself to the memory.

God wishes to expand its self, here on earth and all the other worlds which it created, which by extension we help to create. Each life, each generation grows, albeit just a little. We come down here in physical form to be on the leading edge of creation, for God. In the timescale of forever, one lifetime is not even a nanosecond in the scale of forever.

When we have finished our lifetime we return home where we can explore the things we learned here on earth from the contrast that only exists here. Our time here fills us with new desires and interests that can only be born from the contrast here.

On the other side, which is our natural home, we do not have contrast there, only what is; God. And God does not separate or divide as the human nature has us doing. On the other side there is no Hot and Cold, no Hunger or strife. There only IS.
The contrast that we live here for the brief moment of one lifetime fills us with renewal as we return home, to explore new horizons. Eventually we want to come back again to the leading edge of creation to participate again in this wonderful world of contrast, and we do.

Eventually, this process will bring heaven on earth as expansion continues to bring the same principles of heaven to earth. It is just a process that we all willingly and eagerly participate in. I guess the moral of the story is that we are to learn how to create here on earth as we do when we are back in heaven?

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gatekeeper1972 said...

I don't hink I could have said it better myself. Most are not as fortunate to be as evolved and open-minded.

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