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Bible clearly states that God is the Creator of the universe and the book aims to reveal God’s purpose. The Bible is definitely the true word of the G

Bible clearly states that God is the Creator of the universe and the book aims to reveal God’s purpose. The Bible is definitely the true word of the God and is known the eternal source of happiness and peace. It actually aims to answer some of the intriguing questions about mankind and the mysteries of the universe.

It strives to answer some of the essential questions about the meaning and purpose of the existence of mankind along with the eternal conflict between right and wrong. According to Paul in the Old Testament “all Scripture is given by inspiration of God”. It is said that all the words were written under Divine guidance. Both Paul and Peter actually make a claim about the Divine authority in writing the Bible. According to them the Bible shows complete harmony in teaching the mankind about life’s little joys and sorrows. Although the writers belong to the different time period and are known for their different experiences, social position, yet all the writings are known to form one united Bible.

The Bible is an important source for mankind to gather knowledge about the human existence. The books enlightens one on how God has planned the path of salvation which will guide the humans to the path of the right instead of wrong. It also focuses on the removal of sin and evil from the face of the Earth. It is Jesus who is responsible for all the salvation. The old and New Testaments talk about Jesus as the sole savoir of mankind whose main aim was to show the humans the path of truth. The bible also stresses on certain facts about the future and how the humans should prepare themselves for all those times in future. The Bible has a collection of books and is mainly divided into two sections. It is known that the books of the Old Testament were composed before the time of Christ, while the books of the New Testament were mainly written after the arrival of Christ. There are 66 books in the Bible.

The 66 books in the Bible were written by 40 different authors over a time of 1,500 years. The books were written in different countries like Egypt, Italy, Israel and Babylon. The consistent theme of the Bible remains the same—it deals with God’s purpose which is worked out by men and the whole thing is documented in Genesis. The books in the Old Testament are divided into four sections like The Books of the Moses which is also known as the first book of the Genesis and talks about the beginning starting with the first men on Earth. The others follow and they are known as Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and the Deuteronomy.

All the books narrate how God called Abraham and liberated him and his descendants from Egypt and how the new land Israel was formed. Next in line are the Historical Books and These, from the Book of Joshua to the Book of Esther record the history of the Israelites. Then there are Poetic Books and the Song of the Songs was written in poetic form. These books contain important teachings and they elaborate the ways of God and the duties and the feelings of the humans.

The Books of the Prophets is also part of the Old Testament of the Bible. The New Testament on the other hand is known for the Gospel Records where there are four separate accounts of Christ’s life which were written by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and each of them tell the Gospel in their own way. The Book Called “The Acts of the Apostles” is an important part of the New Testament. This is written by Like and narrates the events which happened after Jesus Christ’s resurrection.

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