Monday, September 1, 2008

Leader, Accepts Responsibility!

Is there any leader who is not willing to accept responsibilities? I guess there is no one because it is an attitude a leader should possess.

A Leader is someone who takes action when no one else can or wants to. A mistake people make is they view a person a Leader if he or she has a title. The truth is, any one can be a leader, anyone can lead even if they do not have a titles.

Leadership is an essential attitude to have. It is an attitude which always takes action, takes full control of every situation when no one can or will.

I guess when you were an student you experienced being part of a group project on your past years of living. What was your role then? Were you a support member? A contributor? Or the person who led the group in taking courses of actions?

Leaders seem to step up to the mark when the need arises. Sometimes you might be surprised who becomes the leader in a certain situation.

Have you heard about John Adams? In March 5, 1770, a conflict occurred between a group of Bostonian's and British soldiers and led to the Boston Massacre because 5 colonist were killed. There was no one who was willing to stand in court to act against the British soldiers. Three lawyers declined the offer because of fear. John Adams believed that the soldiers need to face fair trial so he did act as their lawyer and stood up when no one else is willing.

He was a true leader! He was willing to accept responsibilities even when it was difficult and no one else wanted to do it.

Responsibility is the ability to respond no matter what the situation is - are you ready to respond?

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